Academy of Sciences of Albania

The Academy of Sciences of Albania (Albanian: Akademia e Shkencave e Shqipërisë), founded in 1972, is the most important scientific institution in Albania.[1] In the 1980s, several research institutes began at the University of Tirana were transferred to the Academy's jurisdiction.[2] The institution includes the most distinguished scientists, also called "academics", that are involved in research centers and other organisations inside and outside Albania. As of 2009, the Academy had 23 regular members,[3] 10 associated members,[4] one permanent member,[5] and 26 honor members.[6]

Akademia e Shkencave e Shqipërisë
AbbreviationASH / ASA (English)
Formation10 October 1972
(51 years ago)
TypeNational academy
PurposeScience, Academics
HeadquartersTirana, Albania
Coordinates41°19′34.7″N 19°49′22.2″E / 41.326306°N 19.822833°E / 41.326306; 19.822833
Academicians (Full members, Associated members, Honorary members, Emeritus members, Correspondent members)
Skënder Gjinushi
Main organ
Presidency of the Academy

The Academy was among several dozen of the world's scientific academies which endorsed through signature the Summit Statement emerging from the New Delhi Population Summit of 1994.[7]


The Academy is composed of two sections:

  • Social Sciences and Albanological Section
  • Natural and Technical Sciences Section

It also includes the following units:

  • Projects of Technological and Innovation Development,
  • Branch for Foreign and Public Relations,
  • Library[8]
  • Publishing

The Academy of Sciences of Albania has the country's largest academic library. Founded in 1975 starting with 10,000 volumes, it included 812,000 volumes by 1986.[9]

In 2008, funding for most research functions of the academy was withdrawn, those research functions subsequently transferred to universities and research centers.[10] Four research institutes which were separated from the Academy joined to form the Centre of Albanological Studies.[10][11]

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  • Arian Durrësi
  • Shaban Sinani

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  • Studia Albanica, ISSN 0585-5047.
  • AJNTS - Albanian Journal of Natural and Technical Sciences, ISSN 2074-0867.

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