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Disambiguation pages with links

Disambiguation pages exist to clarify confusion where two or more similarly named articles exist; for example, if two famous people have the same name. Ideally, Wikipedia articles should not link to disambiguation pages (with rare exceptions where the ambiguity of a term is being discussed); instead links should go directly to the appropriate article.

Dab solver

User:Dispenser/Dab solver

  • It's a web app. You put in a page name and it starts. Works with many other wikis too.


CorHomo is a semiautomatic disambiguation tool for Windows and Linux created by Escaladix from the French Wikipedia. This program can select ambiguous links from the articles automatically and the only thing we need to do is click the title of the article we want to pipe, click validate, and then send. However, the most recent versions of this program are not working on the English Wikipedia.

The name is a syllabic abbreviation of the French "Correction des liens vers les pages d'Homonymie", meaning disambiguation pages with links.

Wikipedia Cleaner

A full analysis view for dab links in Wikipedia Cleaner.

Wikipedia Cleaner is another tool available for fixing links to disambiguation pages. It's a Java program that should be able to run on most platforms, provided a JVM has been setup first (Java 5 is required, Java 6 is recommended).


DisamAssist also helps to disambiguate links. It works best when many pages link to the same dab. It can also fix unambiguous but incorrect links to an article at the base name.

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