Wiki Baike:General disclamation

Fae the Wikimedia Foondation

This is an informational wabsteid that's ocht the Wikimedia Foondation (here-efter "Wikimedia"). The content o this steid is fendit freely, an nae kynd o greement or contract is made atween you an the awners or uisers o this steid, the awners o the servers that this is hoosed on, indiveedual contreebutors tae thir pages, or project admineestrators, sysops or ony ither body adae wi this project subject tae your claims agin thaim direct. Ye are gien a leemitit license tae copy onything fae this steid; it disna mak or implee ony contractual or extracontractual liabeelity on the pairt o Wikimedia or ony o its factors, members, organizers or ither uisers.

Ony o the treddmerks, service merks, collective merks, design richts, personality richts or sic seemilar richts that's mentiont, uised or edict on this steid is ocht thair respective awners. Unless ithergates statit, Wikimedia steids is naither endorsed bi nor affeeliate wi ony o the hauders o sic richts, nor can Wikimedia grant richts tae uise ithergates protectit maiter. Ye uise sicna incorporeal property at yer ain risk.

Please merk that the wittins fund here micht owergae the laws o the kintra or stewartry that ye are viewin thir wittins fae. Wikipedia disna forder the owergaun o ony laws, but thir wittins is hained on a server in the State o Floridae in the Unitit States o Americae, an is mainteent in reference tae the protections affuirdit content fenders an readers in that stewartry. The laws in your kintra michna recogneeze a seemilar braid protection o free speak; Wikipedia canna be hauden tae richts for the potential owergaun o sicna laws, gin ye airt tae this domain or reuise ony o the wittins inby.

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